gardener_raking_leavsGreat news! Now there is a place to bring all of your commercial landscaping material. The Composting Network is now accepting landscaping material. You can drop it off at our headquarters between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM Monday through Friday. The cost of the service is only $10 per truckload. Large trucks may be charged an additional fee.

What is Green Waste

  • Yard waste, such as vegetative cuttings, shrubs, brushes, grasses, tree trimmings, and prunings
  • Untreated wood waste, such as branches and stumps
  • Similar materials generated by homeowners from their lawns and gardens or commercial or nonresidential activities

Types of Waste We Expect


  • Leaves
  • Branches and stumps
  • Prunings

Types of Waste We Cannot Accept


  • Treated wood waste,such as wood containing lead-based paint or preservative.
  • Manure and pant waste from the food processing industry
  • Food waste