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Helping to Preserve Our Natural Resources

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 4,574,836 individuals living in the state of Louisiana in 2010. This equates to approximately 575,088 families with 1,083,289 children.

A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that American households throw away 14 percent of the food they purchase, an average of 470 pounds of trash annually. Here in Louisiana, 270,291,360 pounds of food is disposed of annually.

That is why The Composting Network, LLC was created - to help with the preservation our natural resources.

Commercial Composting in New Orleans!

Restaurants, food trucks, and schools and universities now have the opportunity to get involved with our composting program. When you sponsor a compost can, The Composting Network, LLC will provide you with a designated compost bin. For a small monthly fee, they will pick up the material weekly depending on the plan you choose.  These plans accommodate a variety of residential buildings, restaurants and businesses.

The Composting Network, LLC offers a 5-Day, 3-Day and 1-Day Per Week pickup plan so that you can customize your own solution. We will also provide you with monthly statements indicating the amount of waste collected each month.

Sign your restaurant, food truck, or school up today!

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Announcing a New Compost Partner

The Composting Network proudly announces that Del Fuego Taqueria has just signed on as a new Composting Partner. We are excited about working with Del Fuego Taqueria in decreasing food waste in New Orleans.

If you would like to sign on as a Composting Partner, click here.

Composting Network LLC featured in BioCycle Magazine

Interview with Joseph Brock, Owner, New Orleans, Louisiana

How did you recognize a need for a food scraps collection service?

I started out with community gardens first. In New Orleans, community gardens — everyone was building them. But they weren’t building a sustainable way to maintain gardens and feed the plants. Lots of community gardens went out of business in one to two years. We wanted to create a sustainable model that would work. What came out of that was the need for finding a resource for low cost plant food. And so, I developed “The Composting Network” as a business model to work with restaurants because they had the bulk of the organic waste. The Composting Network, LLC, is one of the only composting facilities in Louisiana — we definitely saw a need for it here.

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Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry The Composting Network is an approved BMP Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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